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Non-profit library and bookshop for Arabic-Speakers in the Netherlands

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to create a library that caters to Arabic-speaking communities living in the Netherlands. The library will serve as a hub for cultural exchange, providing access to books, magazines, newspapers, and other media that are relevant to Arabic-speaking cultures.


  • To provide a space where Arabic-speakers can access Arabic-language literature and media.
  • To promote cultural exchange and understanding between Arabic-speaking communities and Dutch society.
  • To support Arabic language learning and literacy among children and adults.
  • To build a community of Arabic-language learners and speakers in the Netherlands.


  • Establishing a physical library space in a central location in the Netherlands.
  • Acquiring a diverse collection of Arabic-language books, magazines, newspapers, and other media.
  • Establishing partnerships with publishers, bookstores, and other organizations to expand the library's collection.
  • Providing a range of services, including book lending, storytelling sessions, language classes, and cultural events.
  • Promoting the library through social media, community outreach, and other channels.

Overall, building an Arabic-language library in the Netherlands can provide a valuable resource for Arabic-speaking communities and help promote cultural exchange and understanding. With a strong project team, clear objectives, and adequate funding, this project can succeed in bringing together communities and fostering cross-cultural connections.

How to support our library

There are many ways to support our project to make it sustainable and successful

Donation Books

Support us with some books and references in Arabic, new or used are affordable for our library

Donate money

our library needs your support to pay the monthly cost, rent, and to keep the books updated

Be a Partner

Be a partner and supporter of the library, to provide support periodically and to make others believe in the importance of this project

Advocacy efforts

We seek support from the community to advocate for funding and resources from local government

Be A Volunteer

Give some time and your efforts to be in our library and to help others

Spread the word

Share information about the library with friends and family, and on social media

How does this support integration in Dutch society

Nebula Land, developed by architects, aims to introduce Dutch and European architecture through our project “BackPlace” – an initiative to discover the Netherlands' nature, urbanism, and architecture. We strive to provide and interpret vital architectural references and discuss avenues for their development.

Our events celebrate Arabic culture while acquainting newcomers with Dutch customs through food festivals, art exhibitions, and film screenings.

We create social groups for newcomers to connect with each other and with members of the wider community.

We offer educational programs on Dutch history and government, as well as resources on how to navigate the Dutch bureaucracy, to help newcomers better understand Dutch society and how to be active members of it.

We collaborate with other non-profit organizations, such as refugee support groups, to expand outreach and provide a comprehensive network of support for newcomers.


We provide a trusted references and translated to Arabic about the law in the Netherlands

Allocating a section for books in Dutch and English that help to understand Arab culture to help society understand and accept differences.

Contact support

Please let us know how you can support us! Contact us with your details and let us know what kind of support you can provide or any suggestions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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